October 24, 2011


Exam's in a week's time and I'm not even 20% ready. AARGHHHHHHH!!

Good thing is, my exams are pretty spread out so I have enough a cram time.

OMG. Why do I always always leave stuff to the last minute?


Anyway, here's my take on gyaru makeup.

Don't think I've fully captured what I'm trying to achieve but I'm not too sure what I should change either.

I have to say, I don't know what gyaru really means, but my opinion of gyaru is fully Popteen and Popsister.

I will research the true meaning of gyaru before I open my smart mouth.

Ever heard of people not 'absorbing' makeup?

I've noticed that there's 2 types of makeup people.

For type 1, the littlest amount of eyeliner/eyeshadow/blusher will seriously pop when applied. Hence, darker makeup will just make them look overdone. But on the bright side, a little makeup will seriously enhance their looks.

Type 2, which I think applies to me, do not have their makeup pop as much as wanted. Heavy makeup does not show as easily and requires more makeup for it to show. I guess the perks from this is that makes it easier to pull of heavier and darker looks?

What do you think?

Is there such thing or am I just imagining it?

A funny story to share.

Back in high school, my friends and I used to participate heavily in concerts and other performance stuff.

The part we used to dread was having the teachers chase us around with bright red $1 lipstick and horrifying blusher colours.

I simply cannot describe how the boys used to run from the teachers. It was so so so funny!!

Bottom line is, if you see a group running away, best if you run along or it's death by red lipstick and blusher.

Ah the good times.

♡ ♡ 



  1. lovee your whole look!
    love your hair colour and your eyelashes <3
    where did you get your eyelashes from? unless theyr your real lashes hehe then you are blessed! i have no eyelashes at all LOL

  2. Tezza:
    Thank you so much for the compliments! It means a lot to me! I actually have 2 pairs of lashes on. One full and one half. Curse our short Asian lashes! =P


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