September 26, 2011

Chapel Street Loves!

Hey Yo Wassup.

My cousin was over in Melbourne for a week so we decided to have lunch at Chapel Street and then off to DFO for awesome shopping!

Before leaving, my bf put on one of his quirky Jay Jays tshirt and I was like

'No! Put on something nicer please!'

And my bf promptly explained to my cousin that I have a 'strange obsession' with Chapel Street. Apparently one must always be nicely dressed  at Chapel Street.


My ass.

Ok fine.

It's true.

I mean... Chapel Street is awesome!! It's super nice for picture takings cause the lights seems to be just right everytime I'm at Chapel Street.

Awesome lighting. Awesome regrowths.

Fish and chips for lunch.
Wasn't that great tho.

Next, we popped by Prahran to buy coffee!

I'm loving this barista at Jasper Coffee!

He was grooving to the music while making coffee.

Props to him!!

The Tourist.

Being super touristy with a jacket tied to his waist.

We went to DFO South Wharf next to search for a good bargain.

I bought 2 pairs for heels for $30 which was a STEAL!!

Will blog about them soon!

Outfit of the day + Coffee!

The coffee was marvellous.

I loved the creamy aroma.


Forever New sunnies
Favourite Dotti top
Plain black tank
Light denim shorts
Addidas Superstar
Dotti handbag


♡ ♡ 



  1. Re-growths. They're another part of mother natures gift! Hahahaha I say "go" for your cousin, isn't it ironic how you would do somethings during your travels that you would NEVER do at home, like tying a jacket around your waist? hahahaha Oh and I can just smell those coffee beans!

  2. I love regrowth, it makes my hair look shittier than it already is >.> Ahh, i haven't touched up mine in like.. 3-4months XD Oh? You reside in Melbourne? :O We should totally meet if my plans to come Melbourne next year work out! ^____^

  3. I guess cause when we're on travels, we don't really care about how we look cause no one will ever ever recognise me. =P

    Like in Perth a few years back, we went bowling and the 'feeder thingy' which sends your ball back up never sent any balls back so we used up all the balls in the bowling alley till there were none left! We got a huge scolding but we didn't care cause we would never return to that place again. Teehee...

    @suki pooki

  4. I haven't touched up mine in 3-4months too!! Boy are we slacking or what! I was initially planning on dying my hair today... but mehhh... Too lazy. =P

    Are you coming on holiday or for studies? Come come come!! Do keep in contact yeah!! I'm gonna tweet you now. <3



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