September 5, 2013

Suet: Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam Review

Hello my loves!

How have you been? The weather's been great in Melbourne!

Today I'd like to introduce a guest blgger, and also one of my bestest best best best friend of 10 years, Suet! We met in high school and we've been best friends ever since!

We've been through so much together that she's sat on my head multiple times and I've allowed her to fall and fractured her arm. =( I'm talking about cheerleading. Don't let your thoughts wander! 

So anyway, Suet's a crazy skin care freak that can spend 2 solid hours on her skin care routine. Yeap, that crazy! She's been my go to girl for skin care all these years and if you have a question about skincare, specifically Korean skincare, most likely she could answer them instantly!

So here's her very first guest blog post!

*drum roll~~~~*

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam Review

Hello hello!

Suet here!

First skincare product review of many to come and what else to kick off our journey with than a cleansing product review!



FYI Sulwhasoo is a luxury skincare brand hailing from Korea that’s popular among the middle age and older women there. My Korean friend calls it an *아줌마  브랜드! ahjumma brand LOL. AMOREPACIFIC owns Sulwhasoo and it’s the same company that brought out the omg-so-cute inducing Etude House that we all love.

Well there are loads of luxury skincare around, what makes Sulwhasoo different? Basically Sulwhasoo is a Korean medicinal skincare system that aims to deliver the synergy effects between oriental medicinal plants and through their ingredients, to treat the skin from the inside out.


Key Ingredients:
Duckweed and Chestnut Shell Extracts: Help in supplying moisture to skin while cleansing and leaving skin supple without tightness after cleansing

Key Points:
1. It’s one of the 4 cleansing products (Herbal Soap & Gentle Cleansing Oil & Snowise EX Cleansing Foam) that Sulwhasoo has under its belt at the moment
2. For those with oily skin
3. There is a herbal scent to it but it’s not one of those overpowering herbal scents that make you go like OMGGG WHAT IS THIS
4. Comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser: OH YEA Hygiene.
5. Texture is sticky, gel-like consistency and the colour, as you can see it's translucent with an orange tint to it.

Being the fussy person that I am when it comes to my skincare routine, this is one of the few products that didn’t leave my face feeling tight after cleansing.

The product description recommends 2-3 pumps per use but I never really needed more than one pump for my face *the joy of having a small face! :D 1 pump releases enough of the cleansing liquid for me to create lather sufficient for my face. Having said that, I don’t really get much foam from it with my hands - I wouldn’t even call it foam…more like very light lather, only after using a brush I managed to create more ahem *foam?


Given that I have combination skin, picking the wrong products can lead to chaos on my skin. This cleanser is so gentle and mild that I didn’t need to create like a mountain of foam to avoid stimulating my skin and causing breakouts! It also doesn’t make my skin feel dry after cleansing and instead feels clean and refreshed.

When it comes to Sulwhasoo, there seems to be a heated debate on its price vs its effectiveness but I’ll just stop here. At the moment it costs RM120 for a 200ml bottle in Malaysia and I would say this is pretty reasonable pricing for its effectiveness compared to how much it normally goes for their other functional skincare products especially their creams.

I have the tendency to hop from products to products but this is definitely one that I will return to.

Do you have a cleanser that has yet to fail you?

cheersuet XD

ps. We’ll be covering more on cleansing tips in our next skincare post!


  1. Oh how nice! I had no idea this was a luxury brand. I have a lot of products from this company and have yet to use it. I find the smell a little off putting but I'd have to try it again. The cleanser sounds very nice and extremely gentle - exactly how we should treat our skin :)

  2. I tried this a several times since I got a several samples from them when purchasing other stuff and it's amazing! Everyone hates the herbal smell IDK why but I got so addicted to the smell... LOL
    Thanks for the review ><

  3. Hihi~ I have this waiting for me to use it. I still have to finish my other foam cleansers before I want to open this one up. I think Sulwhasoo Is a very good brand though. I have there sleeping mask and it's really good. (*Reminding me to review it.) I also, got a trial kit from Sulwhasoo as well! So I can't wait to try those too! Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Sulwhasoo is so expensive, so it's definitely not in my price range - but I'd have love to try this! *u* Thank you for the review!

  5. No probs! I totally agree! It;'s definitely in the more exp range for skincare products TT it burns a hole in the pocket! but if you happen to get some of it, it's worth a try! =)

  6. i still have like loads of cleansers screaming at me to finish them! Still a long way lol
    Sulwhasoo has a pretty good reputation for their products and getting more popular nowadays!

  7. Yea a lot of ppl have an aversion to herbal scents! a pity though! a lot of good problems are herbal based!
    I love herbal scents too!

  8. Totally! I didn't know about the brand until a friend of mine introduced it to me. And ended up being a total fan!I think with time the smell might grow on you! =) It does take a while to get used to herbal scents!


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