April 13, 2012

Subtle Neon Nails


Did you notice these nails in my Teal look? Just saying. =P

I have a feeling the neon trend will be huge this year!

* Probably not in Australia yet, but I'm guessing this trend my blow up for Spring? Don't take my word for it tho. =P *

Anywhoooo... I'm determined to rock this trend.

I'm gonna take baby steps into this trend, so this is definitely on option on how to rock neons for anyone.

Before we get into the yummy stuff, I wanna apologise for the quality of this post and my nails with the smudging. I didn't wait for the yellow to dry so please learn from my mistakes and wait till the polish dries. ^.^

For today's nails, I used the Ulta3 in Allure and NYC and BYS in Sunshine.

This style is crazy easy, utilising tape like how I did in in my Zebra Nail Art post.

First up, I started with 2 even layers of Ulta3 Allure.

The next steps are pretty self explanatory.

Tape -> Paint -> Rip off tape -> Tahdahhhhh!!

Seal it off with a top coat, but don't me impatient and paint over it while it's still semi-wet. Mine ended up looking like those horror movies with blood running down the words during the credits. Only mine was yellow.

Yellow blood?

I hope you like this subtle neon look. I will be trying more neon looks in the future!


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  1. Great idea of the
    tape c:
    yeah, neon is pretty
    hot right now. I've
    spotted a super
    neon yellow dress
    at H&M... :P


    1. Wow! A neon dress sounds pretty but I don't think I'd have the guts to wear them! Baby steps for me. =P

  2. What a great idea! I would love to try this with a turquoise or blue.

    1. Turquoise or electric blue sounds like a nice idea!! I think I'll try out the idea this week! =D

  3. Love this design and the colour combination :) Allure is one of my favourite polishes.

    1. I absolutely love allure!! I had no idea it would turn out so gorgeous on my nails when I bought it! Love love love it!

  4. I love the neon yellow!
    It adds a real nice touch to your nails :)

  5. oooh!!!fantastic idea!!!! :)

  6. Your nails look gorgeous! I love the neon trend but I've always been so afraid to try it because I feel like it's too MUCH, you know?
    Doing it subtly like that makes the colors pop without them being overwhelming. I love it :)

    xoxo, morgin

    1. Yeah! The neon trend's really eyecathing to look at but I think I'll feel really uncomfortable in bright neons for now.

      After having this subtle yellow nails for some time, I'm feeling bolder and bolder with brights. =P

  7. haha yeah Aus is always a bit behind when it comes to trends!! to be honest it doesn't seem that long ago when neons were all the craze over here (especially remembering how fluorescent the Supre storefronts were back then...) the subtle neon stripes are cute though! bright but not overwhelming :)


    1. Thank you!

      Supre was crazy bright during the whole colour blocking season! I was so attracted to them cause they looked so happy!

      It sucks that the Northern parts are going into fun spring outfits while we're moving into autumn/winter wear. =(

  8. how pretty! thanks for visiting my blog, I followed you now<3 Lovely post. The nailpolish is so beautiful, deff a eye catcher!

    1. Aww thank you for the lovely comment!

      Yeah the nailpolish definitely got some attention! =D

  9. OOO I love this! I want to give it a try!


    1. Oh please do! Send me a picture if you tried it! =D


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